Taking the edge off.


Isn’t it interesting how we all like to “take the edge off”.  A martini after the office, a beer after digging in the yard, a game of tennis, an energy drink to blast through your part time job after your full time job, a nap, maybe some bad-ass sex in the evening after a long day, a hike, a smoke, a good conversation with some intelligent friends after a meeting, a drive in the country, maybe it is a big bowl of Green Chile Stew and a couple hot homemade flour tortillas, a margarita, lifting some weights at the gym, taking a run.  These all sound fantastic don’t they?.

But to some people, they prefer pain, gossip, anguish, arduous arguments dragging the issue into the ground, baggage overload, emotional vampirism, cutting themselves, delving into a pit of depression, dragging their knuckles on the ground scrapping their skin into the pavement. Sounds bleak and dark.

So what if you are depressed, So what if you smoke, so what if you drink, so what if you are a cutter!

On a Yoga mat. Nothing matters except you! You. You and your problems, your blessings, your problems that you don’t think are problems. You and your skin. You and your breathe no matter what you do to take the edge off, your sugar, your fat, your dreams and nightmares, your stiff legs, your healthy sexual desires, your painful feet, your complaints…….they all stay on the mat with you. You cannot give them to anyone else. Your past experiences that are haunting you that you cannot get rid of, and are trying to spill them out on to others, your damage control, your dark hallways.  Sounds terrible doesn’t.

Guess what?…..we are men and ladies being molded by the white light, we are heroes of wars, personal wars that go on, deep inside, we are not all pretty, we are not all young and tight, we are older, wiser, weaker and filled with letting go. We thrive for the mat. The Yoga mat that doesn’t care. It may have the prettiest flowers and the most majestic haiku, but it doesn’t care. It is your sacred space, to create a healthy boundary, not only for yourself, but for others. Each with our mat, to support our Asanas of pain and joy.

We drag our Yoga mats to vacation, to Yoga class, to the forest, to the Yurt, to the patio, to the living room and to studio and to beyond. We take “the edge off”, standing, sitting and laying down. As BKS Iyengar would say, “knowing the violence inside of you”. The fears. My fear is inversions. I have a violence inside of me that I wrestle with, with inversions.

FEAR False Evidence Appearing Real.

When you get into Yoga. F&*ck everybody else. Focus on your own damage, fear, pain, joy, love, and all the other stuff floating, wading, mucking, blooming, blossoming and charging in your amazing life.

I do not want to hear, “I can’t go to a Yoga class, I am too depressed, angry or blaming my problems on my childhood” seriously, really?  Go to your mat, even if you are in an insane asylum, a mental hospital, a VA hospital, a ghetto, a barrio, a dead end, a farm, you live in your car, a recovery house, a mansion, a trailer or a brick house. Just stand on the mat, just sit on the mat. Cry on the mat, lay down in a fetal position on the mat. Stuff will start coming out of your pores. You will begin to move, breathe and say to yourself, my movement inside of me is my life. I work things out with my inner voice that is focused on a healthy outcome. No blame. Tag – you are it! You will grow. It will be hard, you will not like some things and some things you will.

So, now that I have been through my own personal “Vietnams”, my wars-not yours, my growth and pain, love and lost, bad decisions, great choices, laughter and loathing, gaining momentum and falling behind, watching things unfold that I am not happy with and giving them away to nothing, celebrating my life with a joy that comes from the painful road, the beautiful road, the red road, the yellow brick road. I have my Asanas that I am approaching with mixed feelings. Pushing through to the other side, fear, WTF attitude and yet my inner stuff is my inner stuff, on my time-not your time, and we should all let one another approach that mat and Asanas on their own engine. Be patient with yourself.

Some people look so beautiful on the outside and their insides are screaming for escape and help. Some people look scary and dark-inward and yet they are free on the inside.

Go now, be your happy amazing self on that filthy mat or that darling sparkly mat. Dance inside, whether you dance to Trance Techno or Hip Hop, Country or Blue Grass, Gospel or Death Metal, just be honest with yourself, not with others while you are on the mat, because YOU are it! Work it, Love it, Be it on your time.

So, Take the Edge Off, give the lust of Yoga and all it has to offer to yourself. Your imperfect Awesome self. Be a selfish bitch on the mat. Get quiet, get inside, get deeper. Get to know YOU! Take the edge off! Float away for that amount of time and let that build you, shape you and draw you, closer to yourself.

Healing the Healer Yoga


 couples yoga 8


Couples Yoga

August    28th  Thursday  2014
6:00 pm
Donation only

Innovative Health

1306 Indian Wells Rd
Alamogordo, NM 88310

This months focus will be on couples Yoga. How we can support one another. Bring a friend.


th0PFC1I9WWe sometimes think of Yoga as a quiet, drawn with-in session with a group of people. Or sitting on a Mesa overlooking a delicious vista and just bust into an OHM letting it echo to the mountains. Love love love this!

Please know that Yoga can be very sensual. It can be part of your healing. Maybe you were so religious that you wouldn’t let yourself be sensual because you felt you were being led by the devil, even in your marriage bed.
Maybe you were raped and you are now engaging in different modalities to restore your sexy soul.
Maybe you’ve raised kids, and you have grandchildren running about. You’ve become complacent , running on autopilot.

Give yourself an evening of sensual Yoga, alone. Restore yourself, feel sexy, feel happy. Find some sexy music. Even if you don’t have a lover….let your sensual energy flow and it will begin to surface flowing all around you. Giving you feelings of well being.

Whether you are young or older, Bring your luscious Woman/Man spirit back to your beating heart.
It may take months or weeks, but each day you build a new energy, the energies will then flow and swirl around you like a symphony.

FOOD….can be so sensual. Healthy luscious food.
Here are a few sexy foods.
Spring rolls
Quinoa spaghetti with olive oil and tomato
Bananas and cream
Fresh peaches
A bottle of wine, sip it from the bottle and see what your mouth does?
My favorite naughty food that I have been searching for lately….Cannoli!

I used to be afraid of sexual pleasure. My responsibilities and type A personality drove those desires to the back burner. Be sensual as you move around your kitchen. Be picky who you invite over. This is your healing, your trail to blaze, your time!

You never know where it will go, especially when you feed yourself and the lover/s you dance with, a healthy spirit, healthy boundaries, healthy sexy foods, healthy Yoga body movements. Listen to your rhythm, listen even in the deep darkness of 2am. You are healing you.

The people that you let into your healthy circle will only be blessed by your nurturing Yogic, sensual arms.

Start with your local Yoga class and know that your adventure is just beginning.


Sensual Yoga and Food

Sweet Nothings


Sweet Nothings are the words or things that you share, that can rest on the lips and mind, letting them melt inside and away. They are good, beautiful, precious and yet, you let them fly away like the breeze. They will always come back, sometimes just kissing the face and other times they will be heavy all over as you bask in them. Sweet Nothings.

From the Bones to the Surface of the Skin


esqueleto-movimento-1[1]There are times when we are breaking a sweat while in our 12th Adho Mukha Svanasana or you may be restoring in Shavasana , something comes to the surface.

Some of the conversations that flashes through us are things like ” deal with this later, let’s get through the class” or “This isn’t really an emotion, it is just a feeling or a memory, it will go away”.  This is, and I say this with experience, “burying it deeper”.
The Mind The Body The Spirit are so involved with one another. Our senses hear words that bring up buried stuff, muscle memory, the breath, etc.
So for the love of self survival and personal cleansing, here is a tool for you to use, if this should come up.

While in an asana, feeling an emotion that releases from the bones to the surface of the skin, your heart is pumping, maybe some anxiety as you inwardly behold it. Imagine it is seeping out of you, through your sweat. Don’t work at the emotion just let it drip out of the pores and out of your breath.

If the emotion takes you over, you can do one of two things here. 1. Get into Balasana and just let the tears flow, jerking them back into the flesh will create a heavier wall. (A loving true Yoga studio will let you be) 2. Quietly gather your things and find a quiet place (bathroom, changing area or even your car) and let your skin and breath release.
Once you get home, sit quietly alone. Sit with your experience. Brush your skin with your hands from head to toe, whisk off any residue of release. Take a shower, lightly apply an essential oil that will calm the skin and pores (lavender, vanilla or other calming blend).

Please note, emotional memories stored, PTSD (whether from war, rape, prison, death, family physical-emotional abuse, drug alcohol violence, environmental, civil abuse and types beyond) , real time transitions, relationship issues, self love healing and beyond…..this is a process. You may release part of the flow today and more will follow. You may release most of it today and then a trickle effect. Your body is very powerful. Listen to it with your mind and spirit.

As you become more in-tune with Yoga and Release/Restoration/Recovery your internal strength and power will be a blessing in your life.