Silver Citizen Yoga Experience




Yoga Poses for Communication


During the days as a young busy wife and Mom, schlepping our daughters to the YMCA for swimming lessons/ Swim team/ Lifeguard training and to Vitality Fitness Center for Karate Lessons, I found myself getting involved in organized-choreographed fitness.

My first certification was Thomas the Promise, teaching choreographed kickboxing classes, which lead to  FiTour and IFTA certifications, as a fitness instructor.  Also becoming a YMCA certified fitness instructor, I explored aqua size and other types of  fitness. Self delving into integrating different styles into different ways. As Bruce Lee always identified his style as “No Way is the Way”, it made an impression on me and I continued to be creative in my training, teaching and personal workouts.

As I began to advance in my life of changes and gaining personal wisdom, I discovered Yoga.

Yoga took a while to grow on me. I got certified through FiTour, became a student teacher of a BKS Iyengar  at Instant Karma Yoga Studio while also teaching Yoga at Premier Fitness. Years passed and I enrolled in a RYT200 hour Yoga program at the Blue Lotus Yoga studio/school.

Yoga had always been a way for me to grow deeper within. Yoga brought me through many changes in my life, some deep with sorrow and others filled with joy. I would carry my Yoga mat to hospitals, ICU’s and physical rehab centers while my late husband was  pushing through a tough time in his life before he passed away. There seemed to be something safe about being on my Yoga mat, sacred with no judgment.  A place that I could go. Alone and yet, still be in plain site and not be seen as “weird” or “strange”, if anything, it encouraged and inspired others. There were times, that I would go to my mat and just sit, cry or I just need one pose to rest in, or a strong pose that I needed to move deeply through.

Yoga started taking me in a direction of healing, as  a thirst for teaching Yoga in a therapeutic type of fashion. Different poses gave different types of energy, strength, personal self awareness and personal self esteem. Yoga brought things out from my blood and bones, to the surface of the skin where I could learn to love myself with a compassion that I had never experienced before.

Moving forward in my 50’s after experiencing losses, learning about commitments, evolving in my job and friendships, evolving myself and respecting the times that I just needed to be quiet and alone. Yoga had woven its loving threads through all parts of me.

As a grassroots Yoga instructor, I pride myself actually, in taking my personal experiences with Yoga and its healing and presenting it to others. Finding that certain poses “asanas” can and do open, expand and quiet the process. Yoga can take me to the edge where I need to be to see what is really going on? Yoga can take me into a hibernation where I may need to introspect.

How could I bring Yoga into my personal conversations, with in my mind, body and spirit. How can I teach others about this concept. What poses might help to eliminate fear? Increase bravery, give a foundation of thought before speaking, forgiveness, compassion, personal healthy boundaries, understanding others.

Virubhadrasana 1  –  Warrior 1 , could be one of  healthy strong, personal space and reaching to the divine for that strength with a solid footing. The chest is lifted and open to learn, quiet the ribs, heart and breath while listening while at the same time maintaining that personal strength that displays a strong self esteem. The constant reaching to the divine gives humility and love a flow into the hands as to say ” I open myself to the universe with an intension of love to assist me on my path”.

Balasana – Childs Pose,  which is a vulnerable position of complete release, belly/chest down, arms and hands reaching forward , fingers wide, palms down and letting go. Knees bent under and open for the belly to release. This pose would be done in a situation of pure trust of another. It may also be used in a pure innocence of letting go of something. It is a bowing to oneself.

Vrksasana – Tree Pose-  Balance, reaching to the divine, supporting ones self with oneself. An amazing thought and reality!

As I explore this concept with love, intension and respect, I am excited about its results as I continue on my path of knowledge, wisdom and happiness. Sure, I will stumble and fall out of some poses, certain poses I am reluctant to embrace as I engage with them softly and slowly. Like life, it is not a game, it is a precious endeavor, with no regrets, breathing in each day.


A collective mind


Presently I am reading a book “The Living Classroom”, which is absolutely a must read for any teacher or group instructor, no matter what type of class you teach.

Thus far, this is what is being brought to me, on a clearer level, with local classes that I teach and with distant people that I am connected to as a collaborative.

We as a group begin to take on a life form. Each group is different.
Sometimes as a teacher, you need to pull out and be quiet and let the group decide where they are going to go with what they have gained and what they have contributed.

~My local groups are actually in demand, however I can only do so much, due to my primary position which I must absolutely attend to first. The smaller more intimate groups of Yoga are fascinating, watching the students climb on to their mats and discover who they are. We see one another in the community and comment frequently.
~The distance, students/friends/groups,(Healing energy peoples) are a bit different….yet sometimes on a deeper level. The thoughts that appear are sometimes more intense, directly due to the distance. The mind stretches and reaches past the shores and mountains to connect, whether we know it or not.
It would be crazy amazing cool, to do a journal with students-friends-groups, writing down our thoughts…related to the class/connection/friendships, with date and time. No matter the thought, disturbed, happy, confused, excited and see the collective.
Will it be like a school of fish, all shifting and changing at the same time?
Will it be like a heard of Buffalo, as one great muscle charging for the grasslands?

The Spark


That one last spark in the fire-pit, is really important. I can put some dry leaves,blow on it and give it some small dry kindling and it will rise again into a fire. Tending it and caring for it.
We have Sparks, I have a Spark, each of us do. I’ll share two different kinds.

The Survival Spark. You endure a traumatic event. Everything has changed with in seconds or minutes. You hold on to the Spark, that tiny Spark deep inside of your heart. Tend to it, care for it. Even if you are in a fetal position for days, crying, depressed, in pain, the Spark will grow. You might think that it won’t or you may not see the results quickly. As long as you stay focused on the mundane, yes, that is right. The regular stuff, like….work, school, writing – journal {journal hard!}, Point A to Point B…when you get home to your cave, hold the Spark, feel it growing. Before you know it! You will have a fire in your lap. You’ll sing to the radio, stop for an ice cream and maybe even write a letter to a friend. Your Spark is magnificent, personal and pure! Cherish it. Keep it forever, let love pour from it, share your Spark Love, never-never give your Spark away.

The Sensual Spark. This is a different Spark that lives between the navel and the hips. It is a Spark that is ignored a lot, taken by many to be evil?, it is passion, a sea of desire, a fire of creativity. Like a super hero, you can call upon your Spark to create a ring of fire around you. The fire dances with lust and lucious flames. Only the brave will try to enter in through the fire ring. When they do, you will caress your Spark and counsel with it, like a fire crystal ball, assessing who has stepped through, calculating their intensions.
Or/And The Sensual Spark is a warm blazing light that dances, all alone, in the moonlight, in the forest or on the granite rocks of the ocean, deep into the desert upon a Mesa filled with passion. Just you and your Sensual Spark. Sharing this Sensual Spark is a very tricky thing. If you share it with all, that come in contact, the respect of the Spark becomes a dim light. The more you caress your Sensual Spark and save it for the ones that truly appreciate it, the Sensual Spark will grow stronger, deeper and fill your life with a healthy desire for the senses. Be mindful, self loving and cherish the ones that have entered the ring of fire, they deserve some of the best things on the planet. Choose wisely. Once the fire of the Spark touches another, it cannot be retracted, it will be burned into both of you. Listen to your wisdom. The Spark may need time to grow into the other one, or you may be afraid of what you are feeling, good feelings, safe feelings, yet, your ring of fire – The Sensual Spark – is there to protect you. Listen to it.

Spark On!

The vision


To live life with a happy heart. Whether I am a ware of Ebola hysteria or not, whether the sun is getting closer to the Earth, whether my daughters roll their eyes at me and still love me no matter what.

My happy life wants to be shared with another happy person, not to babysit, or find some sort of compromise all the time. It would be delightful to wake up with someone, enjoy Yoga together and plan our future together as healers, travel and find amazing things to do. Read to one another, snuggled up next to one another. Have the freedom to create some places to visit and teach, share our dark pitted pasts and how it made us into shinning lights. Teaching people to save themselves, with amazing tools. Like a tag-team, reaching out like strong branches of a tree.

Nothing is perfect, Perfection is imperfection. I get that. But I know there is a warrior, a strong and amazing man that is doing the same thing I am doing. Praying in his own way, sending out vibrations to the universe, listening to his steps on a cool Autumn morning with patience, reaching into the dreams of dreams. Dreaming of going to places and find broken items and resurrect them into beautiful pieces of art.

Enjoy Yoga in the forests, streams, mountains and asphalt.

Delicious food together.

Delicious love together.